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Searching for a Ukrainian manufacturer

Are you looking for a company in Ukraine that produces certain raw materials or products? Are you ready for long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation, or would you like to conclude a contract for a trial shipment of goods? "Industrial Ukraine" will be a reliable partner for solving tasks of any complexity and will help you find suppliers as soon as possible. We have packages for every conceivable occasion!
Supplier search team in Ukraine

What do we offer?

Industrial Ukraine searches for manufacturers - enterprises, plants and factories in Ukraine that produce the products or raw materials you are interested in.
Depending on the selected service package, we can provide a detailed list of companies with contact details of persons responsible for cooperation with foreign partners. Our company is ready to undertake the responsible task of analyzing the reliability of the counterparty and checking the supplier for integrity according to the relevant criteria for you.
It is precisely due to the company pre-screening that we can provide our clients with the most economically secure cooperation in our country and the opportunity to fully discover the Ukrainian investment market and scale up their business by expanding their geographical boundaries.

Service packages for enterprise search

ContactsProviding (CP)

Industrial Ukraine offers help in finding companies in Ukraine (usually 1 to 3) that manufacture products or raw materials you need and analysis of the counterparty on whether it meets your minimum requirements.
After this we will provide you the contacts responsible for sales or working with customers at this enterprise.
Please note! When ordering this package, we cannot guarantee complete economic security of the transaction in Ukraine.

VerifiedContact (VC)

Our company searches for contacts of the companies you need in Ukraine (usually from 1 to 3) and then checks the reliability of the counterparty for further cooperation with an international partner. In addition to contact information, you receive a detailed report, which includes a reasoned analysis and an objective assessment of the production facilities.
When ordering this package, you can choose the company in Ukraine that suits you best and, at the same time, not assume the risks associated with the lack of information about it or the availability of insufficient information to understand the counterparty's reputation without verification. Our staff will travel to the production site to contact the management and collect supporting photos and videos if required.
This service package guarantees making a safe deal in Ukraine.

SuccesfullContract (SC)

This package includes the services listed in the CP and VC packages. Once our company has checked the reliability of counterparties, and you have finally decided on a company in Ukraine that suits you on all parameters, we will help with negotiations, concluding supply contracts and fully supervising the negotiation process, defending your interests as much as possible.
You can always count on the help of Industrial Ukraine's interpreters as part of this package if required.
In addition to searching for suppliers in Ukraine, we also provide packages related to the delivery of products to your country. You can find out more about these packages in the relevant section. section.

TurnkeyDeal (TD)

This package combines all the services of the previous packages, providing maximum transparency and transaction security in Ukraine.
TurnkeyDeal also includes services for delivering raw materials or products from Ukraine after the company has fulfilled the customer's order. More information about this package can be found in the relevant section.
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