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About Ukraine

With its unique geographical location, Ukraine is of particular interest to both Europe and Asia. It holds undiscovered economic potential and incredibly rich natural resources - black earth, ore, gas, coal and oil.
Antonov An-225 Mriya
Today, Ukraine has concentrated on itself the maximum variety and first-class quality of products valued on the international market. All this has become possible due to strict quality control of manufactured goods and the diligence of the local population. You can see for yourself by ordering us to search for the necessary enterprise and check the reliability of the counterparty.

Profitable investment in Ukraine!

For international partners, cooperation with modern Ukrainian manufacturers and investments in Ukraine are economically beneficial in every respect:
Hammer in hand
Low labour cost
Miner's pick
Cheap, but high-quality resources
Low taxation
Loading cargo on ships
A lot of seaports
High quality standards
Types of transport in Ukraine
Top international transport companies
Close proximity to EU and Asia
The combination of all these factors allows international investors, working with producers in Ukraine, not only to find reliable suppliers, but also to produce demanded and high-quality goods with low production costs and to deliver them efficiently all over the world.

Discover Ukraine with us!

If you don't know the language, the law or the specifics of doing business in Ukraine, Industrial Ukraine will be the link that brings transparency and economic security to your deals with the best companies in the country.

Area and population:

Ukraine is an independent state in eastern and partly Central Europe that holds the palm position in terms of surface area among the whole of Europe and is particularly promising for attracting foreign investment.
The territory within its internationally recognized borders is 603,549 km² (the 44th in the world).
Population according to the latest census: 41,762,138 people (38th place in the world);
Ukraine's GDP is $195 billion.
Ukrainian industry involves 972 thousand registered enterprises.
Industry and metallurgy:
  • the country annually produces 62.3 mln tons of grain;
  • sunflower production volume is 11.9 mln tons;
  • cast iron melting volume is 20.05 mln tons;
  • steel production reaches 20.82 million tonnes;
  • rolled steel production is 18.16 million tonnes.

Leading companies and plant

Aircraft engineering

Antonov State Enterprise

It is one of the few companies in the world that implements the complete cycle of modern aircraft development - from pre-design scientific research to construction, testing, certification, serial production and after-sales service. It occupies a leading position in aircraft production in the country and is the target of many foreign investors in Ukraine.
Aircraft engineering

Motor Sich

One of the leading enterprises in the world that designs, produces, repairs and maintains aircraft gas turbine engines for airplanes and helicopters so as industrial gas turbine installations. It produces equipment both for domestic and export needs.
Pharmaceutical industry


Pharmaceutical giant of Ukraine. The company produces more than 250 drug articles and the area of its facilities exceeds 30 thousand m2.
Mechanical engineering

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works

Ukrainian machine engineering plant that produces means of transport including railway rolling stock. It belongs to the key objects of industrial Ukraine.

Pivdennyi machine-building plant

This enterprise has a 70-year history. It is proud of it merited status of the world leader in the sphere of rocket engineering. Currently it is the basic enterprise of the Ukrainian aerospace industry.
Mechanical engineering


A leading Ukrainian enterprise in equipment production. It specialize in producing powerful hydraulic generators, turbine generators for thermal and nuclear power plants, electric engines, large electric machines for city and railway electric transport.

Azovstal iron and steel combine

A high-tech metallurgical plant that produces a wide range of steel products: slabs, sections and shapes, railway rails, rail fasteners, square billets, thick plates, and steel slag products.

Zaporozhstal Zaporizhzhia iron and steel combine

Zaporizhzhya Metallurgical Plant is Ukraine's second most prominent steelmaking company, attractive for foreign direct investment. Production is focused on hot-rolled steel coils and sheets, cold-rolled sheets, coils made of carbon and low-alloy steels, steel bands, tin plates, and bent sections.

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih

The largest Ukrainian integrated mining and smelting enterprise with unique scale and features. Its production includes: coke, ore dressing, underground ore mining management and iron and steel management consisting of sintering and blast furnace, steel melting and forming processes.
Mechanical engineering


The plant in Ukraine, which is a leader in the pipe industry in Eastern and Central Europe, is the world's largest exporter of railway wheels.