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Delivery from Ukraine

Found a suitable supplier or set up your own representation in Ukraine, but still have issues with delivering goods? You are not aware of or do not want to study Ukrainian customs clearance details? Delivery and customs clearance service packages are just for you!

We will solve all issues with the delivery of Ukrainian products to any country in the world and customs clearance at the border

We offer three types of cooperation as part of our project

DeliveryControlling (DC)

In this package we provide escort services for transports that you have ordered without our participation.
The list of tasks includes:
  • loading control;
  • ensuring the integrity of the products in the agreed cargo route;
  • forwarding services with own forwarders.

CustomsClearance (CC)

As part of this package, we assist our clients with customs clearance of all types of cargo at the Ukrainian border.

SafeDelivery (SD)

As part of this package, we handle the delivery of the products and goods you need, even if you have purchased them without our involvement. We arrange the transport and loading by a transport company that we choose ourselves, based on your requirements and wishes.
What is on the list of tasks?
  • selection of the carrier;
  • negotiating and closing the deal;
  • loading control;
  • escorting and ensuring the integrity of the cargo;
  • unloading control.
In case of problems or questions, everything is resolved on the spot and in an emergency. As part of this package, we also help our clients with customs clearance of goods at the Ukrainian border.
Why is it beneficial?
Ukraine's industry is a set of dynamically growing sectors of the country's economy. However, the expansion of industrial influence is unthinkable without a reliable, fast and high quality transport network. Fortunately, in recent years, Ukraine's transport network has been developing at an accelerated pace, which has reduced the cost of delivering goods across Ukraine, and increased its speed.
Delivery services in Ukraine
Today there are more than a hundred foreign companies operating in Ukraine. Each of them specialises in its own type of cargo and method of delivery.
The German international express delivery company is a global market leader. It operates in more than 120,000 cities in 220 countries and territories.
One of the largest companies in the international express delivery industry for documents, parcels and corporate cargo. The headquarters is located in the Netherlands, in Hofddorp, but TNT operates in almost every country in the world, and in particular delivers parcels to and from Ukraine every day using its own system of transport and offices.
An American logistics company. The company is mainly involved in express delivery and is headquartered in Atlanta.
A Ukrainian state enterprise focused mainly on rail transport. It cooperates with many different businesses in Ukraine and is one of the most reliable transport networks in the country.
Ukraine's postal operator, which has been a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) since 1947. Ukrposhta has some 13,700 post offices across the country. The company has 85,500 employees. Ukrposhta works with both individuals and legal entities.
Kiy Avia Cargo
A Ukrainian freight forwarding company that provides various international shipping services (international road transport, air and sea freight).
Ukraine's largest company providing express delivery services for documents, freight and parcels. It has recently been involved in sending goods and cargo outside of Ukraine.
The list includes only the most well-known carriers in Ukraine.
There are also other private transport companies operating in the country.
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