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This page contains the most common questions from our customers.

Ordering and working on it

How can I make an order?

To make an order, you need to contact us in any convenient way for you specified in the section. "Contact us". After a detailed discussion of your needs and requirements, we will select a package of services suitable for you and tell you more about all the details of cooperation. If you are satisfied with the whole process and terms of our partnership - we sign a contract specifying: the list of services provided, rights and obligations of the parties, deadlines and cost of the work. After that, we make preparations and start working on the order.

What does the process of making the order include?

After approving all conditions and signing the contract we develop a strategy, gather a team, allot the necessary resources, and then start working. The rest mainly depends on the chosen service package.

Who works in your team?

Many people of different professions and qualifications cooperate with the "Industrial Ukraine" company. Each team is formed for a particular client's request and is unique in its composition. As a rule, the group includes technical specialists, lawyers, customs law experts and industry specialists. Sometimes, in case of necessity, we involve narrow specialists in certain areas.

How much time does it take to make an order?

The deadline for order fulfilment is negotiated before the start of cooperation. It is individual in each case and largely depends on the package of services and the result the client needs. However, we always guarantee our clients fulfil their orders within the contractual deadline.

Where can I find the list of your customers?

Our services are confidential, so we do not disclose details of our clients.

How often do you visit enterprises?

If during the order it turns out that our employees can visit the enterprise chosen by the customer, we inform him/her about this. Our further actions fully depend on the customer’s wishes. If there is a request for visiting a Ukrainian plant or enterprise, we do this. During the visit our employees collect photos and videos, visit the facilities, and establish contact with the managers. If the visit was not included in the service package initially, corresponding changes are made in the contract and the price increases according to the cost of this service.

What orders you do not perform?

We do not take on orders related to the defence industry or enterprises that are of strategic importance for the security and defence capability of Ukraine.

Is there any products beyond your scope or you have no specialists in that sphere?

Currently we cover about 91% of all Ukraine industries. If the customer’s request is beyond our competence, we inform the customer about this before co-operating. We deal with those projects only that we can fulfill for sure.

Can I change the requirements during the work or change the service package?

Yes, but usually this requires renewal or supplement of the existing contract.

Guarantees and results

Are there any guarantees of the work quality?

We are open for our customers and always inform them about the stage of making the order. Our mission is to satisfy the customer with our work and we care about our brand and reputation.

Cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises

Why now it is profitable to co-operate with Ukrainian manufacturers?

In recent years, the Ukrainian government has been doing everything possible to increase exports of products of local enterprises. A favourable basis for successful partnerships with foreign investors has already been formed at the legislative level. In addition, we cannot ignore that Ukraine has created an almost ideal environment for manufacturing high-quality and inexpensive products, making the country competitive on the world market.

Selecting the service package

We have already found a supplier and carrier ourselves, but now we need to supervise the loading/unloading and delivery of the products. What kind of service package can you help us with?
This service is part of the package DeliveryControlling (DC). We can provide forwarding assistance with your cargo, supervise the process of loading/unloading of goods, and provide our escort on the entire shipment way up to the destination point.

We want to find a Ukrainian enterprise that makes the required products and negotiate with it ourselves. What service package may we use?

You may purchase ContactsProviding (CP) package. It includes contacts of enterprises that make the required products.

We want to check a Ukrainian enterprise for reliability of co-operating with it. Is there a special service package?

Yes, it is CompanyAudit (CA) package.
We have already purchased goods in Ukraine and arranged transport, but the customs regulations seem too complicated. Can you help us with this?
Yes. As part of the CustomsClearance (CC) service package we assist our clients with customs clearance of their cargo at the Ukrainian border.

We want to buy Ukrainian raw materials, not products. Is this possible? Can you help us?

Yes. We co-operate both with manufacturers and extraction companies. You may use all service packages within this request.

I have already contacted the Ukrainian manufacturer but would like to supervise the transaction process. Which service package should I choose?

The TransactionSupport (TS) package, which provides legal support for transactions, is designed to solve this problem.

Do you provide transport and customs clearance services? I do not require supplier search and verification.

Yes, you must be interested in the SafeDelivery (SD) package.

I am not sure which package is most beneficial to me. Will I get help in choosing one?

Our staff will be able to prioritize your application and help you make the best choice to fully meet your needs without ordering additional services.

I run my own business and only need access to reliable suppliers. Can you help me?

Yes. The VerifiedContact (VC) package, which involves finding business contacts and verifying them with a report, exists for cases like yours.

I have found a business I would like to invest in. Can you check its reliability?

Yes, you should choose the SafeTransaction (ST) service package, which includes verification, legal control of the transaction and escort services, or FullControl (FC).


Where are your customers from?

We mainly work with various businesses (large, medium, small and even very small) from Asia, Northern Europe, Central Europe and North America.

Is there a system of discounts for regular clients?

Yes. We provide loyalty programs for companies that co-operate with us for a long time.

I want my interpreter to participate in negotiations. Is this possible?

Of course. At the client's request, we provide services of professional interpreters. If you have someone with a good knowledge of the language and the specifics of the matter under discussion, you can apply for his services.

Can I see the production with my own eyes before investing in it?

Yes. The services within the AdditionalServices (AS) package include business trips for investors to any location in Ukraine with a visit to the enterprise you are interested in and the provision of accommodation, meals and interpreter services.

Do you have any questions?

Please pass our verification.