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Additional services

The business world is unpredictable, and the services that an investor may require are far from always limited to finding manufacturers and verifying them. We at Industrial Ukraine want to prevent any difficulties, so we have prepared for you packages of non-standard, but extremely useful services for international entrepreneurs.
What do we offer?
Industrial Ukraine has extensive experience in resolving various situations awaiting an investor in a foreign country. We provide a wide range of services that most of our competitors cannot boast of, and our employees can efficiently and quickly resolve any issues arising from citizens of other countries conducting investment activities in Ukraine.
We provide counselling, consensus building in disputes, interpreters and documentation.
Our company not only helps to find suppliers and manufacturers, but also stands guard over your interests every minute of our co-operation.
Business counselling
The difference in the legislation of our countries and, last but not least, mentalities often lead to obstacles for private investors in Ukraine, which they do not have to face in other countries. But with "Industrial Ukraine", there is no need to fear this! Our competent employees will help to get out of situations that would become dead ends for others without losses.
The package of services includes:
  • General professional counselling in matters of doing business in Ukraine
  • Specific recommendations on this or that issue
  • Execution of documents, partial and "turnkey"
Master the investment market of Ukraine together with Industrial Ukraine! It is easy when you feel our powerful support behind your back.
Legal support during negotiations
The conclusion of contracts requires numerous approvals. It is not easy for a foreign investor in Ukraine to get support from a competent lawyer who can fulfil such work. Even finding a person with the necessary education and experience can be difficult. But Industrial Ukraine clients do not have to deal with this - our company is ready to provide you with legal support as much as you need it.
The service package includes:
  • Professional legal counselling before the start of negotiations
  • Strategically thought-out dialogue with partners
  • Legal support during the contract drafting process
  • Resolution of disputes and agreement of additional terms and conditions
  • Legal support for the fulfilment of concluded agreements after negotiations
  • Drawing up documentation
Invest money in Ukraine without fear of legal pitfalls. Industrial Ukraine specialists will ensure every contract is drawn up in your favour.
Organizing business trips to Ukraine
Business investments in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, are not always advisable to make remotely. Circumstances often require the investor's personal presence after the contract, his face-to-face meeting with the counterparty, and inspection of the enterprise with his own eyes, in addition to the reports received. No problems! "Industrial Ukraine" has been organizing business trips long enough to help you visit the necessary object without the hassle of travelling to another country.
The service package includes:
  • Organizing personal business trips
  • Organizing corporate tours
  • Organizing business travel and leisure time activities
Industrial Ukraine takes care of everything from visa processing to hotel booking. Come to us to personally choose an object for investment in Ukraine and spend time not only for business benefit but also to get acquainted with our country. We guarantee excellent service!
Providing interpreter services
A general understanding of a foreign language is not enough to conduct business. Your interpreter must be a professional who knows all the nuances of someone else's speech and highly specialized terms. But you do not need to look for it yourself. Industrial Ukraine provides foreign investors in Ukraine with competent interpreters who will not allow misunderstandings with partners.
The service package includes:
  • Translation of technical documentation
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Interpretation at negotiations, when concluding contracts
Industrial Ukraine means quality, extensive experience and responsibility, which will definitely lead you to success! We are here to ensure that the meaning of every word remains crystal clear for all parties involved in the transaction.