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Turnkey deal in Ukraine

Organization of work with Ukrainian enterprises without the need of personal control and participation. 100% turnkey services.

We will set up all the processes without too much headache

The TurnkeyDeal (TD) service package is suitable for clients who, for any reason, do not want to or do not have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the supplier selection, negotiation, contracting, delivery and so on.

How does it work?

Discussion of details

During a preliminary discussion on the details of the transaction, all of the customer's requirements and desires are clarified. We discuss how he sees the future cooperation, and discuss the product requirements, quality and delivery times in detail. All the smallest details are clarified.

Conclusion of the contract

After reaching a full understanding and agreeing on all points, we conclude the contract and the client provides us with the legal right to conduct the transactions on his behalf.
He has nothing else to worry about!

Search for suppliers

Further, our employees carry out a market analysis, select a reliable supplier and negotiate with the customer to ensure that we can defend his interests as much as possible.

Organization of transportation

After concluding a contract with a supplier, Industrial Ukraine's experts select a delivery service and ensure safe transportation, in compliance with all deadlines.

Permanent reports

Throughout the duration of the agreement, we keep the client informed of the progress of their order by means of weekly/daily reports or personal calls, in any way convenient to him.
Our clients can find out at any time at what stage of completion their order is and any related details.
New opportunities are waiting for you!
Can you meet them halfway?

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