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Company check in Ukraine

Are you looking to open a business in Ukraine? Are you looking for a reliable partner you can rely on in this serious matter? Do you want to conclude a supply contract with a Ukrainian manufacturer but have doubts? We will undertake this responsible task and check the bona fides of the counterparty you have chosen.
Industrial Ukraine provides pre-contract screening of Ukrainian companies for all relevant criteria and production analysis with a report, monitors the progress of the transaction, accompanies the cargo to the Ukrainian border and assists with customs clearance.
We always provide up-to-date information about factories, plants and other companies in our country that need foreign investment and want to offer you high-quality products in return.
Contracts signed with Industrial Ukraine guarantee our clients absolute respect for their interests and economic security. Business with us is simple and profitable!
"SafeTransaction (ST)"
Our company is ready to verify the supplier with whom you have already entered into negotiations, provide you with detailed information about the prospects for cooperation, and, step by step, monitor the progress of the potential transaction. Clients of Industrial Ukraine are reliably protected from interaction with dubious partners!
The service package includes:
checking the enterprise with reports;
monitoring of the transaction.
With Industrial Ukraine, your investment is guaranteed to be the most profitable business investment in Ukraine!
"FinishedTransaction (FT)"
Industrial Ukraine will protect your financial assets, supervise the course of the transaction at every stage, starting with the conclusion of the contract, and assist with logistics and customs clearance of the products.
The service package includes:
complete control of the transaction;
support for the delivery of goods to the Ukrainian border;
assistance with customs clearance of cargo.
Don't take the risk of relying on the reliability of the counterparty! Trust Industrial Ukraine and our company will be the reliable partner that protects you from the negative consequences of non-performance by the other party.
"FullControl (FC)"
Industrial Ukraine helps you make a profitable investment in Ukraine, allaying any fears of encountering an unscrupulous supplier. We provide a complete analysis of your chosen counterparty, control the course of the transaction, and assist with freight and customs clearance.
The service package includes:
checking the enterprise with reports;
complete control of the transaction;
support for the delivery of products to the Ukrainian border;
assistance with customs clearance of cargo.
Get expert assessment of the most profitable investment options in Ukraine from Industrial Ukraine specialists and start a new round of your business development with us!
"CompanyAudit (CA)"
Industrial Ukraine offers a complete due diligence service for Ukrainian companies. We monitor the current state of production and the company's economic situation in general and help assess the prospects for cooperation.
The service package includes a check for:
the existence of debts, lawsuits and litigation;
the presence of unfulfilled or broken contracts or orders in the company's history without the consent of the other party;
other potential risks of collaboration.
Our company also provides you with information on staff and qualifications, workshop equipment and industry prospects.
Are you ready to invest money in Ukraine and reap the rewards? Secure the support of a reliable partner in our company!
"TransactionSupport (TS)"
Industrial Ukraine will provide transaction support to avoid any violation of your interests when investing in Ukraine. Any accidental errors in the agreement, intentional omissions or unilateral changes to the agreement will be completely avoided.
The service package includes:
preparation and analysis of documents;
confirmation of the legality of the counterparty's actions;
monitoring the performance of duties by the other party.
With Industrial Ukraine, investing in Ukraine becomes an economically secure and undoubtedly profitable step towards expanding your business!
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