Country of great opportunities

Factory in Ukraine
Ukrainian industry exports ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Cash-flow in Ukraine
Foreign trade turnover exceeds 100 bln USD
Sown in Ukraine
Agricultural industry exports grains, fats and oil.

There is more to come

Ukrainian enterprises are open for all global investors and offer a wide range of goods and services.
But global companies often have doubts due to lack of knowledge about business details in Ukraine, local legislation so as due to the language gap and difficulties related to the need of physical presence in Ukraine.

How can we help you?

We will find a Ukrainian supplier of the products you need, check its reliability and support the deal within the required scope.
We will help you deliver the products in integrity and clear them through customs.
We make sure that you will purchase high-quality products and all your transactions in Ukraine will be economically safe.

How do we work?

Here are some examples
X - Chinese electrical manufacturer - needs to find a manufacturer of black plate with strip 145 mm wide. We receive a request for ContactsProviding (CP) service package (learn more about this service package in "Searching for a Ukrainian manufacturer" section).
Our metallurgy experts search for reliable enterprises in Ukraine that make such products. They find several plants and contacts responsible for international co-operation.
We provide the customer with the list of enterprises and contacts so that s/he can negotiate and enter into the required supply contact individually.
Our algorithm
1. A customer and his/her needs
2. Solving problems
3. Result
X - Belgian company that sells pneumatic valves - found a Ukrainian supplier - Y enterprise. But X Company managers have not co-operated with Y Company before and want to learn more about it. They contact us within ReliabilityCheck (RC) service package (learn more about this service package in “Company check in Ukraine” section).
Our specialists check this company for co-operation reliability through formal and informal channels. They check whether there are any non-fulfilled contracts and obligations, lawsuits, debts, etc.
After this our customer receives a report with all information about Y enterprise and conclusions about co-operation risks.

With what do we work?

We constantly contact leading Ukrainian enterprises and are aware of all latest trends of industrial and agricultural development of the country.
Ukrainian metallurgy
Ukrainian machinery and equipment engineering
Ukrainian chemical industry
Ukrainian wood-working and pulp and paper industry
Ukrainian mechanical engineering
Ukrainian agriculture

We work with many other spheres

Have not found what you're looking for? Write us and we will help you!
Discover the country with an incredible economic potential, rich natural resources and high-quality products together with Industrial Ukraine team!
Investments into Ukrainian industry and agriculture with our help become more profitable, are legally protected, and 100% successful.
See "Services" section for the full list of services that we offer and the ordering process.
Discover the country with an incredible economic potential, rich natural resources and high-quality products together with Industrial Ukraine team!

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