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Registered address: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Shevchenko Boulevard, 69001
E-mail: office@industrialukraine.com
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Maschak Yevhen

Representation manager in Ukraine

My name is Yevhen. Since childhood I have been regretfully observing that Ukraine, my native country with an incredible economic and industrial potential can not achieve it and stays obscure for the global economic community.
When I was a senior pupil, I became interested in foreign economic relations of Ukraine. Soon I realized that global investors hesitated to co-operate with our plants due to lack of knowledge about the peculiarities of Ukrainian economy, logistics and products made in Ukraine.
I decided to commit to this sphere and Industrial Ukraine project allows me to use my potential in it.
I manage the Ukrainian team located in Zaporizhzhia - one of the industrial centers of my Motherland. I coordinate the nationwide work of my team. Every day we face new challenges, search for Ukrainian enterprises that can satisfy the customer’s needs and comply with the investors’ needs as much as possible.
We simplify co-operation between Ukrainian and global companies, destroy communication gaps, open the country for new inflow into the economy, develop economic relations and strengthen the international position of Ukraine.
Please reach out to me at any time via contacts stated in "Contact us" section.
I will answer all your questions and consult you in terms of co-operation.
You can write me in the following languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian
Sincerely yours, Yevhen