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Registered address: Ukraine, Dnipro, 78 Naberizhna Peremohy St., 49000
E-mail: office@industrialukraine.com

Maschak Yevhen

Founder of the company Industrial Ukraine

Since childhood, I have watched Ukraine - my country of birth and residence, with its incredible economic and industrial potential - fail to realize its full potential and remain under-represented in the international commercial community. So it is logical that this state of affairs on the world stage has caused me not only dismay and outright opposition but also a burning desire to change things as quickly as possible. Everyone should know the truth about my country and understand the benefits of investing in Ukraine and cooperating with Ukrainian counterparts in the long term.
Already in high school, I started to study in detail the foreign economic relations of Ukraine and to ponder what were the real reasons for the numerous missed opportunities in my country, where the stumbling stone blocking the large-scale economic growth and global recognition of the state on the goods and services market, as well as the constant attraction of investments into Ukrainian business. After all, the Ukrainian manufacturer produces a quality that is difficult to match and not always easy to find. It applies both to industry and agriculture, as well as to the service sector.
I soon concluded that foreign investors are wary of cooperating with our production facilities due to their lack of understanding of the specifics of the Ukrainian economy, logistics and how high-quality and unique products Ukrainian companies produce. In other words, the reason is banal: potential international contractors are unaware of us. But this is not bad news, but a basis for building long-term mutually beneficial and comprehensive relationships with foreign partners, who need quality and timely information before making a profitable investment in Ukraine.
The result of my analysis was a balanced and firm decision to devote myself entirely to informing the international community about the prospects of cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers and suppliers, profitable investments of money in Ukraine, and new opportunities the Ukrainian market will offer foreign entrepreneurs. My thoughts, research findings and the partnerships with our manufacturers developed over the years were realized with the founding of Industrial Ukraine, which allowed my country to make a name for itself to the world.
I am the head of a highly qualified team based in Dnipro, one of the most famous industrial centres of my homeland. The main tasks of my team are to create a development strategy, monitor new trends in the Ukrainian and international markets, supervise the company's business processes and coordinate the work of employees within the country. Every day we face the new challenges of our time and the changing demands of the international market, attract investment and search for Ukrainian enterprises that can meet the most diverse customer requirements and best match the business aspirations of investors.
We take on the most demanding tasks:
  • bring ease to cooperation between Ukrainian and international companies;
  • breaking down pre-existing barriers to communication;
  • opening up the country to new investments in the economy;
  • developing economic ties;
  • strengthen Ukraine's position on the international stage.
I am open to collaboration, discussion and suggestions and look forward to fruitful communication with each of you.
You can contact me, ask any questions and discuss working together on financial investments in Ukraine in any way you like: contact details can be found on the appropriate page "Contact us"You can write to me in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
Sincerely yours, Yevhen