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We provide a full range of services that help you to make a safe and profitable deal in Ukraine without visiting it. So you do not have to study legislative details or search for experts or interpreters. We take charge of this.

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Where to start?

We provide primary free consultations in running a business in Ukraine. If you wish making a transaction in Ukraine yourself, but have some doubts, we will give you a clue where to start, what potential difficulties you may face, and how to overcome them.

Ordering our services

For ordering our services please contact us as convenient for you.
We can determine your needs and requirements, your desired result and give guidance on the possibility of fulfilling your order, term, and price.
After this if you are satisfied with all bespoken conditions, we arrange our co-operation in written form and list all required services, rights and liabilities of the parties, price and start working responsibly.
Services in Ukraine
Online order in Ukraine
While making the order according to the customer’s conditions and requirements, we have an specific approach and treat even the smallest details in process with great deliberation. So the term of making an order is usually 3-14 days depending on the difficulty.
Every package contains certain operations that should be performed within the order. The final price depends on the number of operations within a package and the need to involve interpretors and other specialists for making the order.
We specify this before starting work. We inform the customer about all changes.
Sometimes our resources are not enough for successful negotiations and protecting your interests, so we involve third-party skilled specialists: technical specialists in your activity (engineers), lawyers, transportation specialists, economists, customs specialists, interpretors.
This allows maximizing economic safety and reliability of your deal and providing the result you need.
Often for a high-quality analysis we visit the enterprise upon the customer’s request and collect required information (photos, videos, documents from open and available sources).
We provide a report according to the customer’s requirements.
Specialists in Ukraine
Report example

A standard report may contain the following:

Enterprise history
References in press. Awards. The enterprise history allows tracking the stages of its development and classifying it.
Geographical position
Sometimes the geographical position of the plant plays an important role in logistics-related questions.
Information about the products made by the enterprise
This section contains information about the main products made by this enterprise (specialization description).
Economic and legal position of the enterprise
We collect information about economic and legal condition of the plant from open and non-public registers (through our channels). We check the enterprise for debts, non-fulfilled contracts, litigation.
Technical state of the enterprise
This section contains information about the state of the building, facility, equipment and other property involved in making the required products.
Other items upon the customer’s request
If you need some other information, we can add it to the report to the corresponding additional sections.
This section contains the plant contacts.
Conclusions and recommendations
This section contains all possible risks of co-operation with the enterprise and estimate them.
Photos/videos and other collected materials
During the search and studies upon your request we provide all necessary information.
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