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Searching for a Ukrainian manufacturer

Looking for Ukrainian enterprises that produce certain raw materials or products? Ready for long-term co-operation or wish to enter into a sample shipment contract? We have service packages for every occasion!
Supplier search team in Ukraine

What do we offer?

We find Ukrainian enterprises, plants and factories that manufacture the required products or raw materials.
Depending on the service package, we provide a simple list of companies with contacts responsible for co-operation or check the companies individually according to relevant criteria.
The latter is needed for providing economically safe co-operation in Ukraine to our customers.

Service packages for enterprise search

ContactsProviding (CP)

We find Ukrainian enterprises (usually 1-3) that make the required products or raw materials and check whether these plants correspond to your requirements.
After this we will provide you the contacts responsible for sales or working with customers at this enterprise.
This package does not guarantee full economic safety of making a deal in Ukraine.

VerifiedContact (VC)

We find the contacts of the required enterprises in Ukraine (usually 1-3) and check them for co-operation reliability. Besides the company contacts you will receive a report including reasonable analysis and unbiased plant evaluation.
With this package you can choose the most suitable enterprise without undertaking risks related to absence of information about it. If needed, our employees can visit the plant for establishing contact with the managers and gathering photos and videos.
This service package guarantees making a safe deal in Ukraine.

SuccesfullContract (SC)

This package include services listed in CP and VC packages. After you make a final decision about the suitable Ukrainian enterprise, we will help you with negotiations, entering into supply contracts and will fully control the negotiation procedure protecting your interests to the utmost.
If needed, Industrial Ukraine can provide our interpretor.
We also provide service packages related to the delivery of products to Ukraine. You can find more detailed information about these packages in the relevant section.

TurnkeyDeal (TD)

This package includes all the services of the previous packages, ensuring maximum transparency and transaction security in Ukraine.
TurnkeyDeal also includes services for delivering raw materials or products from Ukraine after the company has fulfilled the customer's order. More information about this package can be found in the relevant section.

FreeService (FS)

Quite possibly the above-mentioned service packages may not fully correspond to your understanding of safe co-operation in Ukraine.
So within FreeService service package you can contact us as convenient for you. Contact us, describe your needs in details and we will reply you about the possibility to fulfill them as soon as possible and provide our rates, if possible.
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