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Our goals

Industrial Ukraine is not just a mediator project between Ukraine and foreign investors. We set large-scale goals and know how to reach them for sure. Currently our specialists helped several companies and entrepreneurs to establish close business relations. The number of our customers increases all the time.

Our mission

  • launching Ukrainian products globally and establish its reputation as a reliable business partner;
  • establishing strong trade relations with Eastern and Western states;
  • efficient experience sharing between Ukrainian and foreign enterprises;
  • increasing the international political and economic role of Ukraine;
  • creating a safe environment for foreign companies that intend to run a business in Ukraine;
  • attracting investments to the country.
Currently the poor international trade position of Ukraine is determined not by weakness of the national economy or poor product quality.
The main reason is that foreign businessmen lack knowledge about the business peculiarities and local legislation and local entrepreneurs lack experience in international co-operation.

Industrial Ukraine is a link between Ukraine and the global market.

We find even the most impossible things!