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Industrial Ukraine provides a full range of services designed to ensure safe and profitable transactions in Ukraine without foreign investors needing to visit the country to understand the intricacies of legislation to find the necessary specialists and translators. We fully undertake all tasks to build fruitful cooperation with Ukrainian counterparties while you can concentrate on the core business processes and increase profits.

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We provide primary free consultations in running a business in Ukraine. If you wish making a transaction in Ukraine yourself, but have some doubts, we will give you a clue where to start, what potential difficulties you may face, and how to overcome them.

How to order our services?

To start working with us, you need to contact us in any of the convenient ways available. A full list of options is available on our official website in the section Contact us.
When contacting our company, provide information about your industry, business and plans for interaction with Ukrainian counterparties. Be prepared to answer additional questions from our staff to help you more accurately identify your service needs.
Based on the information we receive, we will draw up a detailed algorithm of the work to be done, analyze the time frame for the task and calculate the cost of the service, offering our clients individual terms of cooperation.
Services in Ukraine
The following packages are available to order: Search for contacts of several enterprises Checking enterprises with reports Transaction monitoring Escorting the ordered goods to the Ukrainian border Assistance with customs clearance at the Ukrainian border
Finding the manufacturer and the deal
ContactsProviding (CP) Check mark
VerifiedContact (VC) Check mark Check mark
SuccesfullContract (SC) Check mark Check mark Check mark
TurnkeyDeal (TD) Check mark Check mark Check mark Check mark Check mark
Delivery from Ukraine
DeliveryControlling (DC) Check mark
CustomsClearance (CC) Check mark
SafeDelivery (SD) Check mark Check mark
Company verification in Ukraine
SafeTransaction (ST) Check mark Check mark
FinishedTransaction (FT) Check mark Check mark Check mark
FullControl (FC) Check mark Check mark Check mark Check mark
CompanyAudit (CA) Check mark
TransactionSupport (TS) Check mark
Customized services
AdditionalServices (AS)
The following packages are available to order:
Search for contacts of several enterprises
ContactsProviding (CP)
VerifiedContact (VC)
SuccesfullContract (SC)
TurnkeyDeal (TD)
Checking enterprises with reports
SafeTransaction (ST)
VerifiedContact (VC)
SuccesfullContract (SC)
TurnkeyDeal (TD)
FullControl (FC)
CompanyAudit (CA)
Transaction monitoring
SafeTransaction (ST)
TransactionSupport (TS)
SuccesfullContract (SC)
TurnkeyDeal (TD)
FullControl (FC)
FinishedTransaction (FT)
Escorting the ordered goods to the Ukrainian border
DelieveryControlling (DC)
SafeDelievery (SD)
FinishedTransaction (FT)
TurnkeyDeal (TD)
FullControl (FC)
Assistance with customs clearance at the Ukrainian border
CustomsClearance (CC)
SafeDelievery (SD)
FullControl (FC)
TurnkeyDeal (TD)
CompanyAudit (CA)
Online order in Ukraine
Industrial Ukraine values its reputation. Therefore, after a discussion and detailing phase, we write down all the details of the cooperation, the list of approved services, the rights and obligations of the parties, and the solution to the problem in a formal agreement. We then proceed directly to the fulfilment of our commitments.
For every task, we tailor our work to the customer's conditions and requirements, ensuring a personalized approach and being extremely meticulous about every single detail in the work process. Delivery times are usually between 3 and 14 days, depending on complexity.
Each package consists of a specific list of services required to complete an order, such as identifying promising companies for investment or checking the integrity of a counterparty. The number of these operations within the package and the need for translators and other specialists to solve the problem affect the final cost of the order.
Please note! If any changes are necessary, we will always inform the customer.
Of course, sometimes, a company's resources may not be sufficient to conduct successful negotiations and defend a company's interests. That is why we practice outsourcing and outsourcing to qualified external specialists: engineers working in your line of business, lawyers and logisticians, economists, customs brokers, and translators.
By employing staff with extensive practical experience, we can maximize the economic security and reliability of your transaction, ensuring that you get the results you need.
To provide a qualitative counterparty due diligence, we can visit the company in person to collect all the necessary information (photos, videos, and documentation obtained from open and accessible sources) on our client's request.
We draw up a progress report on all the results, the content of which is determined according to the chosen package and adjusted if required.
Specialists in Ukraine
Report example

A standard report may contain the following details:

Enterprise history
The company's roadmap, press mentions, awards and prizes - this information is essential for monitoring production development and classification.
Geographical position
The location of a production facility often plays a core role in issues related to product delivery.
Information about the products made by the enterprise
Describes the specialization and details of the main products produced by the business.
Economic and legal position of the enterprise
We collect information about economic and legal condition of the plant from open and non-public registers (through our channels). We check the enterprise for debts, non-fulfilled contracts, litigation.
Technical state of the enterprise
Information on the condition of the buildings, facilities, other assets and equipment involved in the production of your products.
Other items upon the customer’s request
If you need some other information, we can add it to the report to the corresponding additional sections.
Channels of communication and contact information for communicating with individual production persons.
Conclusions and recommendations
Detailed results of the counterparty reliability analysis, all possible risks of cooperation with this company and their assessment.
Photos/videos and other collected materials
Complete information about the production obtained through research and studies, depending on the client's request.
Dynamic development with Industrial Ukraine
New opportunities for businesses to invest and prosper in different sectors

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